Ah, the obligatory first entry to a blog.  So shiny, so clean.  So much white space staring at you.

I want to start getting on with the posting of reviews, so this will be brief.  I’ve been writing reviews for the past few years, prompted mainly by participation in the Australian Women Writers Challenge.

To date, all of these reviews have been hosted at my personal website and mirrored at Goodreads, but I’ve decided that I want to separate things out a bit.  I’m not hiding who I am – I’m still going to hold myself to my own reviewing ethics (making notes of when free copies of books have been given, any relationship to the writer etc), I just want the reviewing and writing parts of my life to be a little distinct.

In 2016, I also want to expand out a little from what I have been reviewing.  I will still be focusing primarily on Australian speculative fiction, but there will also be a smattering of whatever happens to catch my fancy at the time.  Basically, you can expect a lot of everything.

I do plan to copy all of my past reviews over to this site as I have the time, and write up proper index.  I will continue to cross-post my reviews to Goodreads, and want to also start regularly cross-posting to Amazon as well.

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