Reading My Own Damn Books

Anyone who’s seen me talking about books and reading online has probably noticed that I have a slight problem with buying books – to the point where my to be read stack has become a small mountain that’s long overflowed my (generous amount of) shelves.

Last year I saw Elizabeth Fitzgerald talking about the #readmyowndamnbooks challenge, and I’ve been looking out for signups to open again – and they have!


I don’t have any specific targets in mind – I would like for the majority of the books I read to be ones I already own, so that’s the general target I’ll aim for.

I’ll be tracking this over at Goodreads with a dedicated shelf if you want to follow along.

Want to join in? You can sign up here.


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1 Response to Reading My Own Damn Books

  1. Pom poms! This sounds like an awesome challenge for you and maybe will take some stress off your plate because it will be books you wanted to read and you get to read them, but you also get to clear some backlog and feel good about that. And it’s a low stress challenge that is flexible for you! *much love*


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