Bout of Books January 2017


The past week, I participated in the Bout of Books. During this time, I took time off from writing, so all of my spare time was used for reading instead. And gosh, I’d forgotten how nice it was to just sit down and read-and to read just for pleasure-instead of snatching time in between everything else.

I ended up reading five books – the first three (the Rainbow Rowells) were me playing hooky from Aurealis Awards entry reading, after which guilt crept up a bit too much, and my last two books-Isadora and Goldenhand-were Aurealis entries (and as such, I can’t talk about them).

The three Rowell books have been sitting on my shelf for way, way too long. My first Rowell was Eleanor and Park, recommended by a friend, which I loved. I had high hopes for the other Rowell books.

I can say that all three were easy reads – Rowell’s style is so easy to just sink into and lose yourself in the books. Fangirl, I utterly adored (even if I did end up skipping over a lot of the fanfic itself). Landline and Attachments I enjoyed, but only to a certain extent. Possibly Rowell’s adult fiction just isn’t for me, but I found myself frustrated with both of them. I loved the setup, and the characters were generally easy to empathise with. With both of them, though, everything got tied up far too quickly in the end, and more importantly, bad decisions made by characters just got glossed over and no one ever had to deal with their consequences. It’s made me realise just how much I need characters to have to deal with their choices, and not just have happy endings fall in their laps.

I suspect that I won’t be reading any more of Rowell’s adult fiction (and may not hold onto these two, since my books overfloweth my shelves) but I am all there for her YA fiction.


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